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Let your every morning start with the Hukam of the Guru! Get Daily Mukhwaak from Darbar Sahib, Amritsar with meaning.

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SMS - Gurbani Vocabulary Contest

Our subscribers keep on sending us great ideas! One of them suggested us to start a Gurbani Vocabulary Quiz and we loved the superb thought. So, after we got a lot of Guru's Kirpa and Sangat's blessings, the idea became a reality :)

So, our members occasionally get Gurbani Vocabulary Quiz and can win prizes* for the best answers.

* The prizes for the Gurbani Vocabulary are sponsored by - A group pf Sikh Professionals working to motivate the Sikh Youth around the world

Gurpurab SMS

SikhiSidak Camp Updates

Get updates of SikhiSidak Youth Camps through SMS. These camps provide a great opportunity for the Sikh Youth to love the Guru and serve the humanity :)

Sangrand SMS - Every Month

Between every 12th to 15th of every month the Gregorian Calendar*, the new Month starts according to the Sikh Calendar (NanakShahi Calendar). For each of this month, Sri Guru Granth Sahib beautifully motivates us to remember the Name of Waheguru, This baani is called "Barah Maaha". So, we love to send you a dose of this monthly inspiration :)

* The calendar that we generally use is called the Gregorian Calendar

Sikh Link of the Week - Every Weekend

There are so many great websites on Sikhism that many of us don't know. This weekly SMS lets you know about them!

Daily Gurbani Vocabulary - Every Evening

Whenever we go to Gurdwara Sahib or listen Kirtan at home, we might feel sometimes that Gurbani being recited is too difficult for us to understand and comprehend. This is not strange.

Until and unless we know the building blocks of Gurbani, we can not grasp the meaning. Because if we don't know the meaning of those building blocks (Gurbani Words), we would not be able to focus on the complete meaning. And if we don't understand the complete meaning, how can we implement Gurbani in our lives?

But its not difficult to learn those building blocks and just to make things more easier, this "Gurbani Vocabulary" SMS series has been started.

Everyday get ONE* word from Gurbani with its meaning and example and sometimes synonyms.

OAT: support

The Name of the Lord is the Support of His servants.


Every weekend, also get a recap of all the Gurbani Words sent in the past 6 days for better revision :)

REETA: lifestyle
KHIN: instant
UDHAARI: rescue
KOT: millions
PARHARAI: removes
NISTARE: find release
OAT: support
BALIHAARI: sacrifice

* Sometimes more than one word also

Daily Mukhwaak - Every Morning

Let your every morning start with the Hukam of the Guru! Get Daily Mukhwaak from Darbar Sahib, Amritsar with meaning.