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Revealed – The Golden Temple : A documentary by Discovery Channel

‘Revealed – The Golden Temple’ is a never-before-seen tableau of Sikhism’s sacred sanctum set up through first hand accounts of its primary custodians.

It is a tapestry of personal quests interwoven with ‘revealed’ moments never captured before on film: a successful NRI returns to reconnect with his heritage and in return offers his Guru a 21st century solution to reaching out to the global faithful.

Young men in seminaries choose the road less taken, dedicating themselves to the Guru while an ageing musician strives to keep his ancestral heritage alive by carrying forward the Guru’s compositions. Spiritual seekers from far & wide undergo the ancient baptism ritual of Amritsanchar reborn in the Guru’s home. Meanwhile, Sikh students learn what it takes to defend their faith against all odds.

Through it all, the viewer stays at the side of the temple’s most important resident, Sikhism’s 11th guru - the Guru Granth Sahib - from its pre-dawn waking moment to the hour of its retirement. As everything & everyone in the sanctum revolves around the Guru, so does the ultimate cinematic experience of the Sri Harmandar Sahib – ‘Revealed: The Golden Temple’.

This one hour special was shown on Discovery Channel on Nov 9 and Nov 10, 2011 multiple times a day.

You can now watch the recordings of the show in 5 parts as below:

To read some facts about the documentary itself like - who made it and how, see this link.