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Peaceful Campaign Against 1984 Injustice - Why should we join?

"Why should we join the campaign? None of our families or relatives was killed in 1984"

If you have similar thoughts as above, please DO WATCH this video.

Forgotten Citizens' Campaign - 3rd Nov at Jantar Mantar

We urge you all (all religions and faiths)..
Please come forward and show your presence on
3rd November 2012, 3 PM onwards at Jantar Mantar, Delhi
for peaceful march till Parliament to show that we have not forgotten and we will not forget.

The pain is 28 years old but it is still a pain. If you feel it, please share it.

TAAJ - The Crown by Satdeep Singh

A story of two friends - Saurav Sharma and Manmeet Singh...

Five Folds by Satdeep Singh

Five Folds is a short movie based on a father and son's relation,
how a son values a precious gift from his father and lives up to his expectations.

Blind Journey by Satdeep Singh

Its the story of a girl who made some blind choices in her life due to which was now on a blind journey.

Born to Lead by Satdeep Singh

The story of this video focuses on a very common problem for Sikh boys and Girls in this modern world. The film tries to make people realize the true value of their heritage as Sikhs and feeling proud.