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Multi-lingual Gurbani Posters

This new series of posters has been created to help spread the message of Gurbani to maximum people. It has a Gurbani hymn in Gurmukhi and its translation in Devnaagri & English.

Also each poster has an attached image which relates to the Gurbani hymn such that the reader gets a longer impression in his/her mind after seeing this poster.

These posters are well suited to be put up at:
1. Gurdwara Sahib
2. Schools/Colleges/Education Institutions
3. Offices
4. Hospitals / Doctor's clinics
5. Rear window of cars
and lots more places you can think of..

They can even be framed and gifted to your near and dears.

Do let us know if this series was helpful to you in any way.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Please click on the poster to see the large version