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World's Largest Blood Donation Camp

There’s a feeling of immense pleasure and pride to inform you about the remarkable event organized by all the organizations of Sikh faith in the service of humanity. A blood donation camp that will cater the need of blood banks all over India will be organized on 10th March 2009 at Anandpur Sahib, Punjab (wiki) on the occasion of ‘Holla Mohalla’.

Holla Mohalla witnesses the gathering of around 10 lakh Sangat from all the corners of globe. It is the festival of truth, courage, bravery and service. That is why this occasion was chosen for this great cause of blood donation.

The minimum target is 25000 units in 24 hours which will be the Largest Blood Donation in one single day across the world. Please spare few moments to read through the message from AKAL TAKHT SAHIB. (click to enlarge)

Message from Akal Takht translated in English

The Khalsa Panth of the Guru is the successor to a great tradition where our ancestors have set historical accomplishments by sacrificing their lives for the betterment of the society. The Gurus established such magnanimous examples by sacrificing their own lives that the Sikhs have felt privileged in doing the same for spreading happiness in the society. A glimpse of their exemplary acts can be seen in the Daily Ardas (prayer) of a Sikh in the form of Sarbat da Bhala (Good for All).

Reaffirming their traditional saying “Panth ki Jeet”, the Sikhs are constantly engaged in their endeavor of practicing the teachings of the Guru by serving the humanity through Community Kitchen (Langar), Joda-Ghar, educational institutions, field of health-care and various other means. According to the Guru’s Hukam, where service of the nation is important, at the same time the service of society through physical aid is more important. Moreover if blood donation, organ donation and eye donation are considered an inseparable part of the social service, then it would be no different than the service of the Guru.

Therefore, the message of Sri Akal Takht Sahib for the entire Sikh Sangat is that in addition to other forms of social service, the service through blood donation, organ donation and eye donation should also be made a part and parcel of our lives. Every Sikh, should donate blood at least once in the memory of the martyrs of the Sikh faith. To commence this noble task, the day of Holla Mohalla (10th March 2009) has been chosen by various Sikh organizations under the umbrella of Sri Akal Takht Sahib. The blood donation will take place as Sri Anandpur Sahib at a very large scale. This is the sacred place where Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji bestowed us with a spiritual life through the Nectar of Amrit. Being His Sikh, it is our duty and responsibility to offer our contribution in this noble cause for the support of our society and to save someone’s life. The Sikh sangat is requested to volunteer with whole-hearted dedication in this cause.

We all need to come together for this purpose and let’s do whatever possible thing we can do for this social cause.

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