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Let your every morning start with the Hukam of the Guru! Get Daily Mukhwaak from Darbar Sahib, Amritsar with meaning.

A very nice collection of short stories equally liked by teenagers and youth

As a habit I have given the hard copy of this book to all my Sikh juniors in college and to any young Sikh with whom I came into contact. The book explains in very simple manner the everyday questions that a Sikh youth encounters .Today while re-reading from the book I thought why not create a good soft copy and upload it on scribd so i created this PDF .Any suggestion on further improvement are welcomed .

The author is Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh USA (PhD Ohio State University USA, former Professor and dean Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana).

I had the opportunity to meet the author who in spite of being above 70 years now , interacts with youth with unparalleled zeal.

- Harpreet Singh (PGP-2012 , IIM Shillong)

Download the book by clicking on the link below:
Teaching Sikh Heritage to the Youth