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Let your every morning start with the Hukam of the Guru! Get Daily Mukhwaak from Darbar Sahib, Amritsar with meaning.

Sikh Apps for Android, iPhone and more :)

We want to introduce you with a new and exciting website :

Our aim of creating this website is to provide a platform where users can find all the Sikh apps with ease.

Apart from the apps, users can get updates on various tips and tricks available on web that can benefit our Sikh Sangat.

Whats in it for you ?
# Know about top Sikhism based Android/iPhone/Blackberry/Windows Apps
# Tip: Get regular updates on Sikh News around the globe
# Trick: Email or chat with your friends in Punjabi using GMail ?
# Tip: Share any Hukumnama/Gurbani Shabads with beautiful customizable background and frames ?
# Trick: Get your set of creative comics on Sikh history with heavy discount from Vodafone India. Hurry ! Limited period offer
and many more...!!

What's more ?
1. If you loved the idea behind AppSinghs, we would love if you spread the word about AppSinghs.
2. Do you have any tips or tricks worth sharing with other Sikh members, post it here : "Be an Idea Contributor".

Check out now and stay ahead in Sikh App world. :)

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